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wellcome to my domain!

Greetings fetishists, perverts, sissies, slaves, freaks, pay pigs, puppies, kinksters, submissives, ponies, feet worshiper, pets, servants & losers.

Wellcome to The  House of Darkness, Home of Female Domination, a dark place to worship, honour and obey to Mistress Ursula. you have now the opportunity to explore the feeling of succumbing to the power of a true FemDom.

Mistress Ursula practices strict D/s protocol and will immediately correct any sub, slut or slave who steps out of line. She also loves training, teasing, and play with your fetishes and fears. you will be completely abducted.

Happiness in the dark is possible!

Do you need training and discipline in your life? Do you have dreams, hidden desires of be dominated by a beautiful femme fatale ? Are you a bad boy? Do you fantasize about being a sissy maid? Or maybe a naughty bitch? Maybe you just want to live under my beautiful boots? If the answer is Yes, you must come and introduce yourself to my Domain. I am strict, but also understanding to the needs of the novice in training!


Beautiful, elegant and extremely sexy Goddess that embodies the feminine strength. I am Mistress Ursula, a sensual Domina based in South of Spain. Sensual or sadistic, I am always intense, challenging your limitations while remaining sensitive to them. I take pleasure in more intense sessions involving power exchange, control mind and humiliation, but I do have a wide range of interests and enjoy many aspects of BDSM.

I am an Alpha Female, Seductress, Fetishist, Humiliatrix, Sadist and Disciplinarian… My creativity, intuition, skill, and innate Dominant demeanor makes me the ideal woman to explore your submissive desires.


Fetichism, domination, mind control is some of my favorites practices. Being a Dominatrix have been a passion for me for over the past years. I love what I do, thats what makes me the excelent Domina who I am. How fetishist woman who I am, have a wide variety of high heels and footwear: extensive nylon, pantyhose, tights, shoes, high heels and jewerly for every foot lover tastes, a nice collection of latex and leather clothes.


I love to tease and I enjoy dressing up for any occasion and always present myself as a refined sensuous lady. I absolutely adore having slaves under my control, to use them for my pleasure. I have spent the past few years on a journey of exploitation of submissive and slavery fantasies. Your suffering for my pleasure. This is not merely a sexual experiment. I believe in the ritual of the Mistress/slave relationship. I expect and demand respect, worship and strict obedience! Firm and strict when I need to be; severe and extreme, or gentle and erotic displaying a caring side. I believe submission is a gift that is given and never taken. I pride myself in my methods of training and demand your attention! I only indulges in consensual, hygienic, safe experiences in a discreet, very clean and fully equipped dungeon.






As previously mentioned, I only partake in play that is safe, sane & consensual, meaning all of O/our time together will be sanitary, sober & agreed upon beforehand. A summary of what I offer is as follows:



With tape, ropes, chains, gags, handcuffs … Helplessly tied, there’s no escape!


Indulge in a long spanking session, that gets harder and harder.


I am open to the idea of taking on personal slaves. Are you the slave that I need?


I enjoy verbal humiliation, spitting, small dick humiliation, cockolding, slapping, slut training, just to name a few.


My shiny latex catsuit hypnotize you. I know it, and I will use it in session. Enjoy it!


You will be unable to move freely and locked away for my fun.

Kidnapping Fetish

Tell me your fantasies. I will make it true!

Sissy Maid Training

Learn to please your mistress by completing tasks and errands


I will use my cane to offer accurate severe discipline… I am a strict woman


Foot, high heels, boot, latex, lingerie, leather, masks, ballons, stocking… All you can imagine

Smoking Fetish

Light my cigarette, be my ashtray, and the most exciting scene, receive my smoke.

Cock and Ball Torture

The cock and balls are men’s most important possessions. Once I control these; I control you!

Boot Fetish

Lovingly adore and worship your mistresses boots, licking and sucking the heels and soles

Corporal punishment

Get flogged, whipped or caned for as long as you can. Test your limits

Nipple torture

Biting, bullclips, pinching and pulling

Sissy Training

Get dressed up and let’s get your make on, transform into your inner female


I love people look at me, desires me, worship me… Do you deserve it?

Tease and Denial

Tied, helpless, excited. You want to end, but not allow it.

Gags and Hoods

Enjoy the sensory deprivation that these pieces of equipment provides

Wax Play

Feel the hot wax drip over your private body parts


I play any kind of role game as dominant woman, every perfectly detailed for you!


Cuffs and scarves used to tie to yourself or special bondage furniture

Anal Training

For novice and experienced bitches.


Take the weight of my body walking over you in my bare feet or even my high heels if you’re really lucky

Safe, sane and consensual (SSC)

A credo used by some BDSM practitioners to determine the appropriateness of BDSM play.



I don’t do things which don’t give me any pleasure, and with which I don’t feel well. Below you will find a list of activities for which even do not ask, because they are outside the area of my interest.


  • Scat.
  • Age play: adult baby
  • Wrestling fights
  • Blood: piercing, needles, cathers, castration, etc.
  • Session with nudity: running a session naked, half-naked or topless
  • Zoophilia
  • Younger than 21.
  • Switch or play the role of a submissive.
  • Anything illegal.


And the most important issue: I don’t have sex and oral sex to my sub/slaves.


Are you ready to submit to Mistress Ursula?

Newcomers and experienced players are welcome!