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Feminization and Slut Training

Who loves to feel like a sexy woman. You will be feminized using a wig, fine lingerie, high heels and make up. That is your desire. You will use your hands to play with my strap on before I shove it into your mouth like the slut that you are.

I can combine with a session of anal training, using my fingers or dildos, bondage, spanking, and other BDSM practices like forced bisexuality; you will then service a real man with your mouth and ass. I will be there to watch you and force you. Do not disappoint me. You will be psychological and physically abused and you will be transformed into the slut that you want to be.

Hardcore BDSM

For extremely masochists. Who likes real physical pain and psychological humiliation. I am a really sadistic woman. I will enjoy slapping your face, spitting, crushing it against the ground under the sole of my heels, to show you who your true owner. I will abuse you using interrogations spers, anything to punish your body and train your mind. I break your will, solitary confinement, respiratory reductions and more, go into my absolutely experienced and technically competent hands. I have the ability to train also interested beginners slowly and gently, but in the end you too will do what I ask.

I use and enjoy you as my will-less object of my desire. If you do not find you on the following pages again, You may please contact me via phone or email to request more information. If you find it easier to write your fantasies briefly in an email and send me down to this before your visit.

You must to describe your fantasy and we will discuss about your preferences and taboos. This is a hard session, may mark your body indefinitely. Indicate about pain level.

Physical Humiliation

Physical humiliation can result in, among others, by “objectification”, rape, forced bisexuality, spitting, any kind of physical punishment and take on any role (pet, maid prostitute, human toilet, slave). Normally physical humiliation is mixed with verbal humiliation. Humiliation and psychological torture can be obtained with sensory deprivation and isolation.
Generally, the purpose is the breakdown of self-esteem and moral resistance, so that the slave more easily access the wishes of The Domme.

Verbal Humiliation

Verbal humiliation leads to submissive to severe embarrassment and upset. The purpose is to embarrass the submissive. Male humiliation and submission is often identified with shame. Male submissives tends to enjoy verbal humiliation open as crude language. A degrading language is usually to be more effective. In addition, many submissive men enjoy public humiliation and exposure,  parading naked in front The Mistress and her friends (of course outside the family, friends, community and colleagues of the submissive).

Human Pet

Some submissive men have the fantasy of becoming an animal, a human pet. This is another kind of humiliation or extreme “animalization”.
Control elements, maltreatment, slavery, discipline, seclusion, make them behave, be treated as an animal can be a huge challenge and arouse great excitement in the submissive.
There are several types of practices animalization, the two most common are the “Pony Boy” and “dog” or “puppy” (Dog-Training). Be walked on a leash on all fours, take an anal plug with a ponytail, take a horse gag, be whipped, think of eating a bowl, sleep in the cage, are animalization practices that can be extremely embarrassing and humiliating.


For those who are not lucky enough to go to the dungeon, it is possible to establish a relationship of domination distance, by emails, which will send commands and duties … You’ll have to send me explicit evidence justifying your fulfillment of those commands … and if I’m not happy with you, you will be severely punished